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Thinkabee started because we believe in the power of education. Over the last few years in almost every conversation, for almost any problem, we realised that the solution was education. However, we recognise that there are a lot of gaps in the current education system. It focusses on memory based learning rather than on ensuring the overall development of an individual. We think intelligent students are not just those who are able to get the best marks in class but those who are able to read and comprehend a variety of texts, those who are able to engage in a conversation, those who are able to critically think and ask questions, those who are able to observe and articulate their surroundings. We believe that a person’s holistic growth plays an important role in their intellect. Hence, we have intentionally designed all our live classes to help children think independently, to think as innovators with creative solutions, to think critically. When children are given a free environment to grow in and when they are given access to resources that allows them to explore their curiosity, they grow up to be intelligent and capable individuals - an asset to society.

Thinkabee is an initiative of The Thought Circle. The Thought Circle is a space for children and adults to explore their creativity and express themselves. Along with Thinkabee, The Written Circle and Catharsis Magazine are initiatives of The Thought Circle.  The Catharsis Magazine is a digital magazine that publishes articles on politics, arts, culture, and gives a voice to the youth. The Written Circle is an independent publishing house. It provides a platform for young authors to publish their work.

Daydreaming child
"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

- Albert Einstein

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