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All our courses focus on integrating creativity and innovation with education, which we believe is vital for an enriched thought process and growth.


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At Thinkabee, our teachers define us. We are passionate about teaching, we enjoy engaging with children and believe in making learning fun. We understand the importance of letting your child make decisions for themselves and are personally invested in their growth. At every stage of the learning process, our teachers assess your child’s needs to ensure that your child can get the most out of our courses. All our teachers are certified with relevant university degrees and are highly trained. We value our teachers and actively encourage them to innovate by involving them in improving the courses and collaborating to make new ones. Together, we work towards ensuring our students reach their true potential.

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Our Teachers

Recommended by Parents across the globe

“Tanusha loves to imagine and write stories. Because of Thinkabee's classes, she has learnt the vocabulary to express herself better. Her teacher has helped her give her stories a structure. Now, everytime she has free time, she is always writing stories. It is amazing!”

Mother Smiling

- Tanusha’s Mother  (Australia)

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