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Grammar Gymnast and Reading Ready

  • 40Steps


A strong grammatical footing along with dedicated writing practice helps children build a lasting foundation. We have designed this course to lay a solid groundwork for language fluency through play-based grammar and reading activities. We appreciate that every child learns differently and enjoys different topics, hence our comprehensions are flexible and can be altered to suit your child’s interests. The course is divided into 3 sections. The 1st section aims to introduce children to the basics of Grammar. We take a deep dive and spend time understanding and putting into practice the basics of grammar. The course starts with easy topics and towards the end enables children to tackle more challenging topics. The 2nd section of the course is designed to allow students to understand different types of Reading Comprehensions. The goal is to familiarise children with the grammar tools learnt in the previous classes and to help them construct complex sentences with ease. In the 3rd section, based on their interest children complete a project. Using all the tools learnt from the first two sections, they will attempt to write a composition. Duration: 40 hours | Hourly classes as per student's preference Price (after discount): AED 960 | INR 20,467 | USD 259.20


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