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Writing Wizards - Foundation Level

  • 50Steps


The Writing Wizards Foundation level Course develops a comprehensive understanding of writing. The course has multiple units of inquiry like cultures and festivals, science and technology, wildlife, for a broader grasp. It is divided into 4 sections. The 1st section helps children learn the basics of Creative Writing. It aims to help them understand the structure of story-writing and learn story-telling. Children engage with different genres of stories and write their own stories. In the 2nd Section, children learn the basics of Descriptive Writing. This encourages them to observe and articulate their surroundings. This section is designed to inspire children to think and focuses on expanding vocabulary. The 3rd Section is Informative Writing. It teaches how to construct good paragraphs and put forth an argument. It will also help them develop research skills. Children learn how to comprehend different sides of an argument, research, and articulate their argument. The 4th Section is for children to explore an area of their interest. Children can self-design a Research Project. Under the guidance of the teacher, they can choose a topic and decide on the scope of research. With this, there are 2 extra lessons that can be used around exam time for preparation. ​ Duration: 50 hours | Hourly classes as per student's preference Price (after discount): AED 1,200 | INR 25,584 | USD 324


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