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Writing Wizards - Intermediate Level

  • 60Steps


This course tackles challenging topics and builds a clear understanding of English. It is divided into 6 sections, each section strengthening a different facet. The 1st Section builds a good grammatical foundation. Children develop a deeper understanding of sentence structures, the tools required for good writing, and build a strong footing for excelling at the language. The 2nd Section is Descriptive and Informative Writing. It helps children understand the nuances of the language and learn a variety of skills, including writing online. The 3rd Section teaches Creative Writing. Children read different genres of stories and poetry for a deeper understanding of effective story-telling. The 4th Section comprises Reading Comprehensions. Children read fiction and non-fiction comprehension. This helps children develop their reading skills, vocabulary, critical and analytical thinking abilities. In the 5th section, children learn Speech Writing and write a speech. This section helps children understand the distinction between formal and colloquial language. The 6th Section is for children to explore their interests. Children can self-design a Research Project. They choose a topic and decide on the research scope with the guidance of the teacher. With this, there are 2 extra lessons that can be used around exam time to prepare. Duration: 60 hours | Hourly classes as per student's preference Price (after discount): AED 1,440 | INR 30,701 | USD 388.80


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