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This course helps children understand the basis of mathematical and logical thinking. It introduces children to arithmetics, understanding patterns, measurements and values. Children are taught logical thinking through fun puzzles. Keeping with our theme of play-based learning, the course follows a narrative. The course is designed around an imaginary family of 4 siblings. Every lesson is an adventure taken up by siblings. Students help them fulfil their adventure by solving the riddles and puzzles that the siblings stumble upon. The course is very entertaining and vicariously makes students feel like they have aced an adventure. Along with this, it focuses on helping children see how to use mathematical concepts in real life and helps them build a strong foundation of logical reasoning. Mathematical thinking is an often overlooked but essential skill that will help children in their journey of becoming the thinkers of tomorrow. Duration: 20 hours | Hourly classes as per student's preference Price (after discount): AED 480 | INR 10,234 | USD 129.60


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