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English Building Blocks

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English Building Blocks is a beginner level course that helps children develop a basic understanding of the English language. The goal of the course is to lay a strong foundation in English ensuring that children have a healthy relationship with the language and enjoy learning it throughout their life. The course has elements of speaking, reading, listening and writing, ensuring holistic growth. In this course, students will observe their surroundings and learn how to articulate what they see fluently in English. Beginning with phonetics, children are taught to read stories and poems. Further through a variety of curated prompts, children are encouraged to speak and imagine. Through speaking, listening, and reading, children are able to understand the basics of sentence construction. Building on this knowledge, children are encouraged to write sentences. Duration: 20 hours | Hourly classes as per student's preference Price (after discount): AED 480 | INR 10,234 | USD 129.60


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